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Essence is the life force inherent in all living things that enables those versed in the Old Way to weave magic. The Zenithians, citizens of Zenith, harnessed Essence using their amplifiers and engineers to power and run the massive city-state.

During the Golden Age of Zenith, experimentation and research into essence allowed the creation of devices that can amplify its magical potential by magnifying or changing its properties. In modern times, manufacturing or creating these devices is a big industry, but some groups still prefer to use essence the "old way".

Use by different classes

Essence Mage

The Essence Mage draws on the natural energy of the environment to create and shape the elements and reality to her will. She is a powerful Mage class that originated during the Calamity hundreds of years ago when people outside Zenith City were forced to fend for themselves. Essence Mages are the bridge between the Outlanders and Zenithians, as they are chosen from a very young age and essentially go through an intensive training program that includes being outside of the city walls for a fair amount of time.

Contrary to what some might assume, Essence Mages, like any class, can fit any role within a Party, including DPS, Tank, and Support.

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