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For a guide on how to play Essence Mage, check out Essence Mage Guide.

An Essence Mage draws on Essence to create and shape the elements and reality to their will. Essence Mages are characterized by their trademark wing-like Essence Amplifiers which help essence mages focus their power.

Contrary to what some might assume, Essence Mages, like any class in Zenith, can fit any role within a party, whether playing as a DPS, Tank, or Support.


From a young age, promising candidates are selected from the general population of Zenith to undergo this strict training. The learning of the way is strictly regulated, as it relies on hidden teachings that can only be discovered outside of the city. Unlike citizens of Zenith, essence mages spend a large part of their teenage years learning how to manipulate essence outside of Zenith, and so they interact with both Zenitheans, as well as the wandering, nomad clans of the borderlands. Because they lead such cloistered lifestyles but share so many experiences normal citizens never see, they are at once more knowledgeable and more sheltered.

~Excerpt from the Zenithean Archives

Some say there is a training academy that is nestled deep within the Forest, accessible only by mages, and warded by magic to prevent discovery by Amarites.


The Essence Mage Sub-Class has 3 roles - DPS, Tank and Support. Click on each one to learn about their skills.