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A guild is an in-game association of players. Guilds are formed to make grouping easier and more rewarding as well as forming a social atmosphere to enjoy the game. Build your guild, recruit new members, and prepare to explore the world together.

If you would like your guild added, message join this discord to complete the form: https://discord.gg/aQBPww4j


Axiom aims to be one of the strongest powers within Zenith. We embrace mature players who, while they may not have unlimited time for the game, have focused goals and are serious about pursuing them.

While often joked about as the "Boomer" guild, this is just an example of our level of development and dedication towards reaching our expectations within Zenith.

We are currently branching out to develop units within specific sectors so each player can find their niche and enjoy it while reaping the benefits of a well rounded community. While waiting for more information about game play, take the time to interact within our entertaining and active channels. We have many great people and are excited to grow as a community. ---

Join us in making Axiom a superpower within Zenith and enjoy all the benefits the guild has to offer.

Circus Freaks

"Come one, come all!"

Welcome to Zenith's first (and only) Travelling Circus!

We travel all around the world of Zenith to give people the performance of a lifetime!

There's plenty of room for any kind of person, no matter who, or what, you are! All are welcome!

Our goal isn't to be the biggest or the strongest guild, no! We aren't striving to be the best at anything except performing for other people and having a good time! We do all kinds of things outside of Zenith of course, and until the game releases, we all just do whatever we want. We have game and Discord prizes, as well regular game meetups and events. Feel free to join to play or to see what's up. It's all up to you what you do here, really.

We are the band of misfits after all.

Demons of Zenith

The Demons of Zenith are a rogue and merciless brotherhood born of a fallen and forsaken order.

Hear ye,

We are eager. We take everything in our path. We are fearless. We let nobody stand in our way. We are skilled. We lay fear in our enemies. We are united. We leave no brother behind.

We are Demons.

Ambition should be embraced, as it is one of our most valuable assets. As a team, we must work together to achieve any goal we set.

Each Demon has a role. Every Demon has weight. All Demons count.

Together, we shall thrive over Zenith. For that, we need to explore the many aspects of the land. Therefore, this guild will sustain multiple types of positions:

Raiders will focus on player vs player (PvP). They are tasked with raiding other players. Dungeoneers will focus on player vs environment (PvE). They are tasked with clearing dungeons. Collectors will focus on exploration. They are tasked with finding/harvesting resources. Merchants will focus on processing. They are tasked with crafting/selling resources. Gurus will focus on training Demons. They are tasked with showing the ropes to newer members.

Upon order, a Demon is expected to be able to execute all the above. We are devoted. We are elite.

We are the Demons of Zenith.

Essence Zealots

it's gg EZ with Essence Zealots

An official guild of Zenith, fanatics of the power of Essence. Good people, good players, chill vibes.

We offer an active community who play/train in other vr games while we wait for our mutual interest of Zenith's release, so we can better ourselves in vr to be one of the top guilds in all of Zenith. We value good character rather than just skilled players alone.

If you're interested in joining our guild, please click the invite link and/or message Zyros#0001 on discord.

Eternal Library (Archivists)

The Archivists are chroniclers of lore and information about the world and everything in it. We are Information Brokers, striving to be the first to scout out and research boss patterns, map out new resource nodes, document quest rewards, and discover shortcuts and Easter eggs. If you want to hold all the secrets of the world in the palm of your hands, come to the Eternal Library.

Anyone who is dedicated to the improvement of our documentation, or just want to hang out, can be an Apprentice Archivist.

We value Integrity, Dedication, and Wisdom. Integrity in how you behave and what you say, Dedication to the archival efforts, Wisdom when reacting to others and in how we act in the world.

Non-member Freelancers are welcome to work with us in exchange for in-game compensation, subject to negotiation.

Visitors welcome! There is no obligation to join the guild just to be in the server.


"What is Kodoku about? Kodoku is a guild based around strong players, and anyone willing to learn. We, as a guild, are working towards beating the game and empowering our fellow Comrades via Words of encouragement and/or through splitting loot of higher levels.

[As a fellow member of Kodoku, you will be a free man/woman. You will not be forced to raid dungeons, or split your loot. You can go anywhere at any given moment, Interact with other guilds, or proceed through the game as you wish.]

We, as a guild, are here to help fellow adventures and travelers such as ourselves. Kodoku is a kind community, but we can be fierce when necessary.

As long as you are open minded, and ready to learn, anyone willing to join is welcome!


The Monarchy will rule.

Our guild focuses on strength through experience, teamwork, and effort.

We have multiple factions available within the guild, such as:

[Tutorial] - Assist new members and new players of Zenith in their early quests as they get used to the game.

[Combat] - Focus on combat, whether it be by creating attack strategies, fighting on the front lines, or even being a healer behind the active fighters.

[Crafting] - Create custom gear for guild members using gathered materials.

[Lore] - Discover and record the lore of Zenith and its world, such as ancient battles, broken statues, and abandoned towns.

[Trade] - Run a shop of any kind in Zenith to raise money for the guild, such as a blacksmith or a traveling merchant.

[Resource] - Gather materials around Zenith, and spread it amongst the guild, such as crafting materials for the crafting division, and healing items for the combat division.


Guild based around a team mentality, friendliness, and cooperation, be it in PvE or otherwise. Close knit, preferring every member learn and get along with each new member as a cohesive group. We actively avoid inter-guild conflict, alliances, and politics. Feel free to join the Discord and hang out, even if you're not a member!

  • Disclaimer: The pillow fort is for members only.*

Mors et Gloria

Mors et Gloria (Glory in Death) Is going to be a competitive guild focused around the many aspects of Zenith. Our members will be focusing on all walks of life:

  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Exploring
  • Socializing
  • Combat

All types of users are accepted, from merchants and farmers to battle-hardened warriors. We have a very laid back community, 100+ Members strong. Many of us are looking to move away from VRChat, and Zenith seems like the perfect escape. Join today!

Night Raid

Welcome Travelers, we are ɴɪɢʜᴛʀᴀɪᴅ.

We are a proud guild who have traveled many realms which have led us here. Our main goal is to have fun and help each other as we traverse these strange new lands. Discovering, fighting, crafting, running away from that world boss whose is Twenty levels higher than us. We will do it all together! At the end of the day, we aim to be a home for all those who just want to be a part of something special. We shall never ask for anything more than what we each can contribute. But I also as that we also expect nothing but the best from one another as we strive for greatness!

Omnipotent Beginnings

Omnipotent Beginnings (simplified to "Strong Beginnings") is a multi-purpose guild with emphasis on support.

< Whether you are an experienced veteran or a player who has joined for the first time, our goal is to help everyone . >

However, OB isn't just a school. We strive to be a large, lively, and friendly community.

`We are composed of Divisions` which are Voluntary:

[General] - `Help` and teach others to improve.

[Combat] - `Focus` on high difficulty dungeons and boss raids.

[Resource] - `Earn` profit through gathering and handle most items in the guild.

[Crafting] - `Create` custom made equipment.

[Archiving] - `Discover` and record all Lore/Game Mechanic information.


A private guild for only the most elite of Zenith. Focused on strategy, strength, and fortune, Osiris will be a leading force in game. Members will be brought in strictly by invitation only once vetted by the current members.

Silver Wing Knights

[Silver Wing is a Combat Support Guild that provides support to players through leadership, teamwork and cooperation. We aim to lead as a top guild and support the growing foundation of the zenith community.]

[We run organised raids, dungeons and support quests. Although Silver Wing is a hardcore guild, all our activities will be held within our Frontline Division LFG, which separates those who want to enjoy the game passively to those who want to grow stronger.]

[Our main community server allows members to rank up and choose to take on leadership roles that will support other members, this allows for new players to learn the game and get right into the action. If your after support and looking for people to get you caught up in Zenith, we store information that will give people a kickstart into the game.]

[In the end, fun is our greatest priority, whether your a visitor or a new recruit, we make sure that each activity we run won't slow your personal experience within Zenith and let you choose to comply to each organised activity.]

[If your visiting or joining as a member, we dedicate ourselves to create a friendly and helping environment.]

Swordsmen of Zenith

Swordsmen Of Zenith is a hardcore guild that mainly focus on making the members stronger and stronger sword fighters in the game. We are the strongest sword fighting guild in Rec Room and hopefully Zenith too!

We will complete quests, dungeons, raids and missions in a short amount of time. We have also made some special “sword skills” from other games that we will make in Zenith too, and this will make us stronger and make it easier to do dungeons and other things.

We also have roles like The Frontline, Strategist, Backup and many others. You can decide if you want any of these roles so if you’re a person that likes to go solo you can get the solo player role for example. That also means that you don’t have to participate in any raids or anything like that if you want to it’s all up to you!

These are the ranks you can get New Swordsmen, Trusted Swordsmen, Advanced Fighter, Divine Swordsmen, Expert Fighter and Ragnarok.

Swordsmen Of Zenith will host tournaments to show off your real skill, and events to have fun with guild members and others.

The Knights of the Stars

The Knights of the Stars is a competitive, self sufficient guild within the realm of Zenith!

Motto - Who says the sky is the limit when we walk across the stars?

Our focus is to become a self reliant guild and to grow to become one of the big names within the community.

Within our guild, we have many roles. These roles include

  • Fighter
  • Explorer
  • Farmer
  • Trader
  • Blacksmith

And more!

With each different role, comes our tier system. This system works from E tier to S tier and as you progress within the knights, you will progress up the tiers and earn more rewards and privileges for your work!


Darkness is a guild to strike fear into the hearts of all monsters in Zenith that may be encountered

〔 What is Darkness? 〕

Darkness is a competitive guild in Zenith that will hopefully be known as one of the strongest guilds with a kind environment.

〔 Who's allowed into Darkness? 〕

Darkness will accept you into the guild no matter where you are from in the world! It also does not matter how new you are to Zenith. However, members are expected to be mature.

〔 What is the goal of Darkness? 〕

Darkness strives to become a well organised guild with a friendly environment for all and to become a strong independent guild that can easily take out the monsters lurking around the battlefields of Zenith. Darkness will also be seen participating in PVP events.

〔 What's in the discord server? 〕

In the Darkness discord server you can meet new people and play VR games with them. The server is meant to be a relaxed environment. The discord server will also be used as a guild information server where guild members will get a special role to see guild-only channels.



『Goals:』 To clear dungeons and raids.

『Members:』 All are welcome!

『Roles:』 《Tank》 《DPS》 《Support》 《Flex》


RAIN is a combat guild devoted to clearing dungeons and raids, however anyone interested in playing the game in any way is free to join. We're a guild entirely created from players from the Zenith Discord, not from previous VR communities. Our Discord is very active and friendly, and we accept everyone; even if they don't join the guild! So feel free to come on over!

RAIN is currently allied with Mors et Gloria, Kodoku, and Daunting. However, we have friendly ties to several other guilds such as Essence Zealots, Eternal Library, and the United Merchant Alliance.