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"support them with curative abilities and passive effects"

Support is meant for players who like helping rather than being the person at the front dealing the primary damage. Support players may grant temporary [[Buff|buffs] to teammates, such as more health, higher damage, faster mana regeneration. however the main focus of most support classes is to heal their companions upon damage taken. The base attack for the support essence mage is called aether spark which is bullets of essance that can heal their companions or hurt opponents.

Aether Spark

Fire a piercing surge of supercharged Essence to damage foes (for 10 + 40% ATK) and heal allies for (10 + 40% ATK). Can be charged for up to over (1.5s), increasing the power of the shot by up to [2.4X]. Each projectile can hit up to 2 targets.



Create a globe of powerful aquatic energy that you can throw at enemies to explode in a [5m] radius. Damage enemies for (75 + 200% ATK) and heal allies for (75 + 200% ATK).

How to cast

Hold trigger with your hand outstretched. Ball of water will appear in hand, throw it. When it comes in contact with the ground, the spell will activate.


Massive Icicle

Drop a massive block of ice on your foes in a (4m) radius after a delay of (2s), dealing (250% damage) and lowering attack by (10%).

How to cast

Grip, push hand downwards. Move reticle until it is where you want the spell to be, then release grip.


Erupting Spring

A spring erupts in a (7m) radius, immediately healing allies for (30 + 150% ATK). The spring continues to pulse heals for (25 + 75% ATK) while staggering enemies for (30 + 120% ATK) every second for the next (6s).

How to cast

Place hand down, grip hand, push up into the air. Aim reticle where you want spell to be, then release grip.


Timeslow (Ultimate)

Sloooowwww dooowwwn tiiimmmeee...

How to cast

Hold both left hand grip and trigger at the same time. Release to cast the spell.



Conjure a barrier of wind that blocks incoming projectiles and slows nearby enemies.

Please note that this ability was not functioning while this footage was captured, and will be fixed by the developers.

How to cast

Hold grip with left hand, swipe to the right. Aim reticle on ground. Release grip when the reticle is where you want the spell to be.



The Snowball is an ability that you can use in place of the fireball, you activate it by equipping it in your menu then you hold down the right trigger button. The longer you hold the trigger the bigger the snowball gets and the more powerful the skill.