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Concept art of Rin

"Anything for my friends."

~Rin the Ram

Rin the Ram is a Blade Master and the head of a Blade Master Academy in Zenith that trains fighters to defend the city. The patrol squadrons normally have a few Blade Masters to support the “tougher” soldiers who lead the charge against any monsters they find. 


Rin wasn’t always called The Ram. One day when she was a rookie Blade Master, her squadron ran afoul of a particularly tough monster (of course, the type of monster changes depending on who’s telling the story and how long they’ve been in the bar by the time they tell it). It tore through the fighters, and the captain ordered a retreat. Rin couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her teammates and, against orders, she turned and charged!

As the monster bore down on her teammates, she threw herself in front of them, blocking it with both blades. Her force of will caused an overflow of essence to transfer into the blades, and with a single burst she uncrossed them and knocked the monster to the ground. She advanced, knocking it down again and again as her teammates looked on, stunned. When all was said and done, Rin had pushed the monster back almost 100 meters before it fell.

When word got around Zenith, people started referring to her as “Rin the Ram”, the fearsome Blade Master who led the charge. When asked about it, she usually just shrugs and says, “Anything for my friends.”